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16 . 72 . 2 / Personal branding



When I was in school I wanted to complete an ambitious personal project involving something I love. I ran with a GPS for a total of 16 days for 72 miles with 2 feet in order to write a sentence on the streets of Manhattan. A runner with a Go-Pro camera rig turns heads so I met a lot of people along the way.









Interactive app / Design


There are many talented musicians performing in the subway, but sometimes it is difficult to enjoy or give their music attention because of train noise or people moving in a hurry. Platform app is designed to help artists to fulfill their dreams beyond the subway platform. 


Won at Clio


Platform_Metro card.jpg
Platform_Subway Poster 1.jpg







App design


Tablet app is designed for Alden, a high quality men's shoe company. This app shows consumers to explore and experience the Alden brand as well as educating them on the proper way to care for the shoes.